About me

Hi.  I'm Bekki - a qualified personal trainer, yoga teacher and group fitness instructor.  

More than 25 years ago I started my fitness journey teaching aerobics at Forest Mere, a beautiful spa in the English countryside.  

Fast forward to now, and I have moved across the world, created a family and live on a lifestyle block.

My journey, just like most people, hasn't always been easy.  

But I am now, after much studying, reading, experiences, and trial & error, in a position where I feel I have a good balance between my mind and body.

My goal is to help you create lasting, sustainable habits that benefit your mind and your body - a more balanced lifestyle. 

I started Bekki Monger Fitness to fulfil my passion of doing what I truly love and sharing my knowledge with others.

  I hope to educate and inspire others to lead the best life they can.

Call or email me to book an appointment today!