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February 2024 Newsletter

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Jan 2023

Fuel your workout

No matter what you are exercising for - weight loss, muscle gain, better overall health - you need to fuel your workout.  If we keep on pushing our bodies hard, but don't fuel and refuel with the right nutrition our ability to build muscle, burn calories and exercise to the fullest is severely compromised.

There isn't one size fits all, as we are all working out for different reasons.  But, to help you get an idea of what and when I've put a little list together.

If you have any questions or want to know a bit more about what is right for you, please ask away.

A good supplier of 100% whey protein powder is Nothing Naughty

I don't get anything for recommending them , just that I've done a bit of research & found them a great Kiwi busines

Posture & energy

Your posture has a big effect on your energy.  

Sit with your shoulders slumped, head down for a couple of minutes - how does it make you feel?  

Now, sit tall, shoulders back, chest lifted.  Now how does that make you feel?  I hope much more energised - like the weight has been lifted from your shoulders.

So much of our everyday life is in a forward position - driving, eating, at the computer, checking phones, writing at a desk.  All this slumping forward does nothing for our physical bodies, or our energy levels.

We need to balance this out by strengthening all the muscles on the back of our body.  Think back of shoulders, whole of the back, glutes, back of thighs, calves.  

Strength training and stretching can help hugely.  Try to incorporate a bit of both into your daily life.